Common FAQs

How Your Partnership Works With Us?

Virtual Restaurants (VRs), which are also referred to as “virtual brands” are digital storefronts online as well as with delivery app platforms. These VRs enable local brick-and-mortar businesses, typically restaurants, but can also be done for grocery & convenience stores, and liquor stores to reach more customers and increase food & associated product sales via custom-built websites and online delivery app orders with companies such as UberEATS, DoorDash, Grubhub, etc. The On Demand Company (TODC) supports not only local restaurants, but also supports other business formats via other Verticals, such as: The Grocery Snob (servicing grocery & convenience stores) and Cheers on Demand (servicing liquor stores).

We help our Merchant Partners increase their online sales revenue via online and delivery app ordering. At The Grocery Snob, our top priority is to help local businesses, such as “Mom & Pops,” that we consider to be a cornerstone to many communities throughout the US and globally. Our mission is to help these local businesses be more successful with no additional overhead, via a significant increase in their online presence and therefore, more online delivery orders per week. We know you make great food and have excellent products; as a result, we use your core strengths in terms of your best and most unique menu & product offerings to create custom-built websites & VRs/brands that can provide your operation with the online attention you are missing from your business today!

Our pricing is straightforward, our company works on a month-to-month agreement. We charge no monthly fees, hidden fees, set up fees, or cancellation fees. You can opt-out at any time with no risk. We only charge a fixed rate of 10% commission per order we send your way. The item pricing on the VRs and associated menus will be higher to cover marketing costs, delivery fees, and any other related fees for creating your virtual brands, all of which are covered by the online consumer who are willing to pay additional for the convenience of an expedient delivery to their doorstep.  

~ Bottom line: If we don’t send you any orders, you pay us nothing ~

From the time you execute your Merchant Agreement with our company, the entire process takes approximately 5 to 8 weeks to create your virtual brands, set up all the menus & associated credentials that must be submitted to the delivery platforms, and then launch your new VRs! Once we Go Live, you must ensure your tablet(s) are on and functioning during all operating hours so you can receive and accept your new online orders in a timely manner.  Please note, ensuring that the fastest processing time of all online orders along with quality food and products for these online consumers will only help you to get your products out faster, avoiding cancellations and increasing your positive reviews. This develops a recurring loyal online customer-base that drives your sales upwards via both online sales and deliver app ordering, driven by the custom-designed VRs that we have created for you! 

After the brief initial setup period, The Grocery Snob sends out weekly payments via Direct Deposits (strongly recommended) or Checks for the online orders you receive and service for the VRs that our company creates for your business. We have partnered with to manage and distribute all payouts to our Merchant Partners within our network.

All sales taxes work the same as normal delivery payouts with the delivery platforms and are all managed through

No, because our Operations Team will develop and match the best brands for your business that are in correlation with your existing menus, or product offerings.  This way, you will not have to purchase any new special inventory to prepare food or other product offerings for our custom-designed VRs for your business.

Yes, most definitely! Our Customer Success (CS) Team and an assigned Account Manager (AM) will work closely with you and any points of contact (POCs) at your location going forward to track your online order activity and provide you with ongoing support.  Furthermore, our CS Team and your AM can also provide data-driven recommendations based upon the performance of the VRs associated with your business. We recommend implementing VRs and tracking them for at least 90 days in order to establish a more reliable baseline trend, providing data that we can all evaluate together as a team for further improvement of your business’ online sales over time.

We are partnered with the best 3rd Party Aggregation Software Providers in the industry that can provide an All-in-1 Tablet, or integrate into your existing Aggregated Tablet, or integrate into your existing POS System. For those Merchant Partners that do not wish to have an All-in-1 Tablet nor integration into your existing POS system, then you will be provided with a Tablet from each respective delivery platform (such as UberEATS, DoorDash, Grubhub, etc.) that our company partners with for the app-based delivery services. All online orders will go through these tablet(s) and printer(s), which makes it easy for you to distinguish between orders for your brick-and-mortar business and the custom-designed VRs created by The Grocery Snob team.

~ Ready to get started? Please reach out to us so we can help you grow your business online! ~